Event party in July: together, with Briswell

Event party in July: together, with Briswell

Together, join with Briswell in many parties,

Together, chill with Briswell through thousand dishes,

Experience new food,

From far away places.

And this month, we’re keeping eating

So many restaurants to choose? Leave it to Briswell

Whether it is rainy or sunshine

We’ve already booked, you just need to go

With the huge funding from the investor Briswell, this event is specially planned by multi-talented boys from Multi-team for 1 month with all enthusiasm and desire to bring a whole new experience to everyone.

In harmony with the bright natural scenery, with both interesting and delicious dishes,


with strange food and delicious dishes,

They are elite people from Briswell, gathered together.

Join Briswell, so every day is a memorable memory for you.